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The existing focus is mainly on projects in the fields of education, parenthood, human rights, cultural and religious integration, emancipation of women, and these projects are carried out with the help and cooperation of local institutions and associations with similar goals.

Cultural Advancement
Social Advancement
Ethics and Spiritual Advancement

Cultural Advancement

Children with talent in painting

Drawing Contest on the topic of children’s rights for elementary schools. 1300 participants, first prize -- trip to the United Nations Office, in Geneva.

Signs from the East

Meetings on the theme of multicultural relations and equality between men and women. - Poetry of women in the east Cooperative ventures with the Council on equal opportunities of the Umbria region, and University for Foreigners.

Youth and the world of employment

Conference and seminars on new and future world prospects for youth.

Other meetings and seminars

Series of seminars and workshops on different topics related to modern society: new educational foundations, values of a multicultural society, and  the environment.

Introduction to planning

Training course on new instruments adopted by international organizations to promote initiatives aimed at international cooperation. United Nations speaker in charge.

I have a new friend

Final event to celebrate all the participants’ taking part in the initiatives created to improve integration among children of different cultures in our society.

The Earth is but one Country

Conference and seminars on world views on the economy and peace to understand the period of transition that our society is undergoing.

Books in Libraries

It has been possible to distribute Bahà’i literature in the area of Monza through the use of a branch system of libraries. This allows citizens to have access to literature that promotes spiritual searching.

Plant Peace

Study with students of the qualities required by every human being to develop a culture and society of peace. Final celebration to plant peace in the heart of every child and a tree symbolizing peace in the courtyard of the school.

The world is like a puzzle

Conference presentation of the book " Il mondo e’ come un puzzle" [The world is like a puzzle]. Fairy tales and ideas of children taken from TG minimo, TV news broadcast on rai Tre [Third Channel]. A book to understand the world of children edited by Stefano Scialotti, journalist on childhood issues.

Ranzie, a stage for a princess:

Musical concert with the famous African singer, Ranzie Mensah, who performed ethnic music and lullabies from all over the world in collaboration with unicef. The funds gathered have been submitted for a vaccination campaign in developing countries.

Social Advancement

Adopt a right

The project envisions cooperation among different urban associations. Objectives of this project are: - Preventive action and promotion of the awareness of the basic rights of the individual with the provision of reacting to the violation and abuse of such rights.
-Transmit awareness and knowledge of human rights.
-Promote supporting values and attitudes.
- Encourage action to defend them.
In such cases Baha’is from Umbria in regard to articles 27-29-30 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, focused their attention on the possibility
"To prepare the child to assume responsibilities of life in a free society, in the spirit of understanding and tolerance…"(art.27) through the development of spiritual qualities inherent in each human being.

International Year of the Child

Participation in the study week on childhood organized by the Umbria region, with a presentation on principles of Baha’i education.

International Year of the Family

Initiative dedicated to the International Year of the Family:-Meetings in elementary schools with students; documentation for teachers; contest on drawing for children; concert of the S. Croce choir; final event with prizes for winners.

Let’s write the future

Summer camp for children from 8 to 12 years old.
Activity carried out in cooperation with the municipality of Casteldario (MN)


Let’s write the future- -Portici-

Summer camp for children from 6 to 11 years old. Activity carried out in collaboration with the municipality of Portici (NA). An ongoing initiative since 2002.

He who educates a child finds a treasure

Classes on spiritual education for children using tales, stories, legends FROM around the world and all religious traditions. The main objective is to develop a deep sense of respect for all religions and towards all of humanity.

Citizens ask, candidates reply

Query of the Association of Perugia to candidates seeking the position of mayor to clarify their position on the field of volunteer work and associations.

How does a couple change when a child is born

Workshop for parents dedicated to one of the most important and delicate moments of the life of a human being, the transformation of a couple into parents.

Platform for International Volunteer work

Participation in "Platform International Volunteer work" with 25 associations to empower initiatives in the area of international cooperation.
Activities already carried out:
-Photographic show to introduce and sensitize others
-Study conference -Study on the feasibility of realizing projects of international cooperation.


White Dolphin

Weekly activity for children from 3 to 6 years old. Sponsored and financially assisted by the municipality of Perugia, in cooperation with Didactic Direction 1st Circle, Circ. Com. X, Cesvol

The value of being different

Seminar in collaboration with university professor G. Mollo on the importance of understanding the concept that each element of diversity and difference represents richness that must be valued and assimilated in a multicultural society.

Right to be healthy - education in hygiene

Meetings in elementary schools to promote the right to be healthy, to sensitize students and to offer points of reflection on personal hygiene. Initiative promoted and supported by the municipality of Perugia.

Right to have rights

Instructional session on human rights. The students examined human qualities that lead to peace and by their own efforts produced a cartoon publication.

Creative Sundays

Monthly laboratory for children and youth from 6 to 15 years to experience respect, collaboration, camaraderie and creativity. In each meeting a practical activity is suggested: theatre, papier-mâché, ceramics, drawing, storytelling, creative writing, painting, gardening, mosaic art, music, and cutting.

Economics and Justice

Collaboration of management of the Library of peace with use of publications on peace and involvement of multicultural activities for all ages on the occasion of the gathering of representatives of the different working sectors.

Educate oneself and teach others

A series of seminars lasting 3 years with professionals at the international level to reflect together on the possibilities and prospects of education, self-education, AND new meanings of childhood education to develop a multicultural society with new expanded fields of communication and to address the needs of THE legal protection of children.

Education in Human Rights

Suggest to students a MORE IN-DEPTH study of human rights with a methodology involving participation.

Qualities of peace

Meeting with students of elementary schools and MIDDLE schools to understand together the meaning and practical application of some moral principles, such as respect, reliability, self-discipline, friendship, courage and unity. Project sponsored and supported by the municipality of Perugia.

We are the others

Interactive show with public participation and students to learn to recognize one’s own prejudices and learn how to act respectfully towards foreigners.

Images around the world

Photographic display on projects of international cooperation created by different associations including two Baha’i projects from India and Tanzania presented and supported by the Mona Foundation.

Teaching Unity

In the 60’s a group of young students passed through the fields of Umbria offering manual labour and free work in exchange for short presentations on a new proposal for unity in the world.

Integration and Rights of Children

cycle of initiatives dedicated to the study of the rights of children and to the promotion of a society based on respect and the integration of different cultures. the initiative consisted of meetings with students, refresher courses for teachers, seminars for parents, contests with prizes for elementary school classes, concerts, parties for children, and an exhibition of all the work produced.

I am a citizen

Meetings with students of all classes in the city of Terni to reflect and make one aware of human rights. a large demonstration at the end.

I can do it….step by step

Summer camp for children from 5 to 12 years old with the goal of education towards self esteem. The camp offers to children time to think, reflect and play among themselves and with others.

Office for social activities obtaining

an office large enough to hold study classes, meetings, and a library for children, youth and adults.

Room for women

management of information and data in squares and streets to make one aware of the condition of equal opportunities between men and women.

I have a new friend

The class winner of the contest " I have a new friend" goes on a trip to Geneva to see the United Nations, with welcoming on the part of the Council.

A world in colours

Summer camp for children aged 6-11. Initiative planned in cooperation with "Domina" cooperative and a school circle of the municipality of Perugia.

Towards the rainbow

In cooperation with the municipality a training course for public school teachers has been organized which was attended by 30 teachers and a principal.

Xenophilia for the American Indians

Seminars dedicated to the presentation of the spiritual principles on which the lakota society was based.

Advancement in Ethical and Spiritual PURSUITS

Waves of One sea Paths of the spirit in art and in life Seminar on the QUEST FOR SPIRITUALITY through dance.
Spirituality in Action Seminars to discover the life of the spirit, one’s own identity and the richness that comes from conscious interpersonal relationships.